The Strange Brew Backroom is still a work in progress and in future will be host to a series of visual, sound and performative art displays as well as music events and workshops. Joe Evans is our in-house art facilitator and will be overseeing all happenings in the Backroom and the art blog on this page.

Our main space has 4 spaces for art displays:

  • 2x mural walls – current design by Guillaume de Ubeda

  • 3x columns – current design by Joe Evans

  • Main bar front & top – current design by Joe Evans

Different artists will periodically be invited to redesign these.

Our main bar space is also a platform for sculpture – currently Penfold’s ‘Superking’ sits amongst the tables and can be seen through the window from the street. Purple Taiko's A/V installation featuring 24 CRT screens and 1990s rave screen savers also sits near the DJ booth. 

If you have any proposals for works, exhibitions or collaborations Joe can be contacted via